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Problems and proper sewer maintenance

Προβλήματα και σωστή συντήρηση βόθρων

At Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου, we know very well about the problems and proper sewer maintenance. A problem that is not encountered by homeowners in cities, which have a central wastewater treatment system. But you will find it in all the houses in areas outside the city plan. Also in those located near the sea and the countryside.

Urban homes tend to be connected as a whole to a municipal sewer system. On the contrary, many cottages and older rural houses use an autonomous septic system to manage their waste. Unlike sewage systems, a septic system requires regular maintenance due to the way it handles our waste.

This can be costly, especially if you work through a waste management company. However, you can save money by maintaining your septic system yourself.

The operation of septic systems

A septic system consists of two main parts: a well or, as it said, a septic tank and also a drainage field. The more up to date systems nowdays make use of a septic tank, in addition of using a well for having a better performance, although there are older homes that still make use of wells. Although it is at it’s most the same idea, there are some small design differences that can lead us to different problems.

Modern days septic tank

We are talking about a large and usually underground tank, that is connected in a direct way to the main sewer line of the house. When we rinse our toilet or let the water run into our sink, then the sewage flows throught the pipes into the tank. There we have a type of anaerobic bacteria that digest it. This type of process divides our waste into three different parts.

We have the solid wastes, that sink to the pit bottom. Then the lighter particles goes on the surfaceform and form residues . As we have more sewage discharged into the pit, the old water pushed inside the sewer pipes. Then it can flows safely into the field that surrounds the home. While townhouses tend to be connected to a municipal sewer system, many cottages and older farmhouses use a stand-alone septic system for waste management.

Septic tanks of older type

In older septic systems with a good foundation, there is a large pit which is lined with masonry. This well is usually covered by a concrete plate. The sewage of our family flows into the well, instead of going to a tank. As they enter the well, the anaerobic bacteria that  it contains, begin to feed with the wastewater.

Solid waste as a whole is submerged and then residues are formed, which take place along the surface. Unlike tanks, which have pipes leading to a drainage field, in this case the walls of the well have small openings, through which water flows into the surrounding soil. As this process is not as effective as with septic tanks, septic tanks are now illegal in some countries.

Common problems with septic systems

As a general rule, septic systems require little maintenance throughout the year. Therefore it is natural to neglect their maintenance. This can lead to problems that may cause adverse conditions, such as flooding our yard, or even returning to our home from the septic tank. Obstructions and a full septic tank are the two most common problems you will encounter.

Clogged septic tanks

Sewer wells are based on bacteria to separate solid and liquid waste, however this process may not be perfect. Over time, the openings in our septic tank can become clogged, thus causing the creation of backup sewage. If not kept clean, the septic tank can be pumped several times a year.

This can happen even when there is not much solid waste at the bottom. The reason you cause is the inability of water to escape.

Symptom of a full septic tank

In case that is not cleaned within three to five years, our septic tank can be filled to such an extent with solid waste that can overflow. One of the most innocent of the harmful signs, is a persistent bad smell, usually near the tank or inside your bathroom. This putrid odor can be more noticeable during the summer months due to bad weather.

One other common symptom is the one of a slow drain, or maybe an often clogged toilet. Sewer blockage cleaners will prove ineffective if the problem is with the septic tank and not with a simple drain blockage. The continuous use of the toilet without

Remember that it is best to leave the operation of a septic system to specialists. They are the right people, who have at their disposal beyond the knowledge and the necessary tools, so that they can effectively and safely perform the problems of the wells of your home.


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