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Boyd Music in Jacksonville, IL is here for your instrument cleaning and repair needs. Our business has enjoyed its success over the years because of our hardworking staff, knowledgeable service department, attention to detail and love of music! Come by today.
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Q. What if my child wants to play a different instrument after he starts?
A. Boyd Music will allow you to exchange instruments at any time during the first 6 months of the rental period, providing it is okay with the band director. Everything you have spent on the original instrument will be applied, so there is no loss to you!
Q. Do instruments require much maintenance?
A. Band instruments are delicate, and must be taken care of, much like the car you drive. A well maintained instrument can be kept out of the repair shop. However, our experience has been that beginning band students often bump, drop, and bang their instruments into other objects - accidentally, of course! When this happens, they usually WON'T PLAY. Boyd Musichas trained repair men on the premises in Jacksonville, and provides weekly pickups for your school.

Q. Will my contract be sold to a bank or other financing institution?
A. No. Boyd Music finances all of our own band instruments. All paperwork is held in our store
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