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Cookies & GDPR – So what applies in 2022?

Paramarketing SEO Agency


Cookies & GDPR – So what applies in 2022?

What are cookies and what is the GDPR? Everything you need to know today to be legally covered from Paramarketing SEO Agency. Here you will read everything you need to know.

You will learn what the terms mean, how cookies work, and what you need to do to have your business legally covered.

What are Cookies?

To ensure the proper functioning of our website, we sometimes place small data files on your device, the so-called cookies. Cookies are the small text files that are stored in the browser that we use to access the Internet, every time we visit a website.

Their main function is to memorize information, which facilitates your navigation on the respective website (such as preferred language and country, login information, etc.). The information collected in this way is not linked to your personal data and are used solely for security purposes and for statistical purposes.

The type of information contained in these files, and whether they can be considered personal data, is an important point to consider from a legal point of view. This is also the reason given in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The use of cookies is a multidimensional issue, with legal, technical and commercial aspects. Their operation is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive in order to protect the personal data of your web visitors.

The current context is not entirely clear due to many technical parameters such as:

  • If cookies transmit data to the website itself or to a third party.
  • If the cookies are deleted after the “closing” of the browser or continue to send information after that.

In short, what is valid today is that the installation of cookies is allowed only in case it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the user’s consent is required after being properly informed.

What categories of cookies are there?

Absolutely necessary

For the operation of some websites it is necessary to collect certain cookies. In this case, your consent is not required. These are “first recipient cookies” without which the operation of our website is impossible. They allow you to browse and use the functions of the website, such as access to safe areas, etc.

All your preferences and settings (e.g language and country, login information, browser settings and plugins), which are stored in cookies are reproduced on our websites and can not identify your personal identity. Without them, many services of your website are impossible to operate effectively.

Performance, Analysis and Research Cookies

These cookies are used purely in the context of internal research on ways to improve the service we provide to all our users. These are cookies, which aim to improve the services offered by our website, in order to better reflect the consumer public.

Cookies simply evaluate the way you interact with our website – as an anonymous user (the data collected does not personally identify you) by collecting information such as the number of people who visit our websites and individual pages, but also the number of those return to it the keywords used in the search field, the user’s location.

For example the country, region and, where applicable, the city or municipality from which the access is made, etc. In addition, they record the pages you visit, the time you stay on them and the points of interest.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies help us customize the ads we think users might be interested in, collecting and using other data about users’ activities on our sites and / or services (e.g. to allow them to customize advertisements in third party services).

These are cookies that allow us to receive information about the interest shown by the user in one of your advertised products and services. Furthermore, we use tools (such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook pixel, etc.) to personalize the content and ads of our websites, to provide social media functions and to analyze its traffic.

In addition, please note that for this purpose we may share information about your behavior on our website with third party providers of social media, advertising and other SEO services which may combine them with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected in connection with your use of their services.

Paramarketing SEO Agency and GDPR policy

Paramarketing SEO Agency is the only company in Greece that provides this service for free and incorporates it in the annual maintenance package without changing the pre-agreed price.

We have decided not to pass the cost on to you and the installation, the maintenance of the add-on and the export of the data are included in the already agreed price of the annual maintenance. For more information on maintenance packages see here.

For your protection, Paramarketing SEO Agency sign a contract with you when they undertake the construction of your website. Read here what you need to know to sign a contract.

Frequent questions

The following frequently asked questions about the GDPR transactions we made on Paramarketing SEO Agency’s customer sites.

All the buttons on the banner of my site have the same color. If we put a bright color in “I accept” would not the user be more likely to click accept?

Yes! The user would be much more likely to click accept. However, this practice is not in line with current legislation.

Can I use a GDPR tool provided by free internet companies?

We would like to point out that many tools provided free of charge do not meet the technical specifications of the GPDR Personal Data Act, nor the published Regulation of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

In practice, what does it mean if a user clicks “I do not accept”?

Then the site will work normally but will not “load” the cookies that are not necessary for the operation, such as the Google Analytics service for the purpose of statistical analysis.

I do not like the banner, nor do I want to align with the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Authority. Many sites have a simple update for consent. Can you remove it?

Of course! Just inform us in writing at info@paramarketing.gr. We would like to recommend that you consult your legal advisor about the consequences of any sampling.

Do I need to seek legal advice?

Of course! A lawyer might find imperfections and may want to make changes to the texts, depending on your company’s overall alignment with the GDPR. We are at his disposal for these changes. Paramarketing SEO Agency does not provide legal advice.

How can the user change his preferences?

As required by law, the user must be able to easily change the cookie settings. For this, at the bottom right of the screen, we added a box to change the preferences.

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